Richie Crowley is the seed that grew RICKiRICKi, a Creative Project Management Agency, and the focus of the RickieTicklez brand. His past and current projects are populated with the individuals and brands that are driving the movements of global culture. From dance music to tattoo, meditation to sober curiosity, and the attitudes of maturing men, Richie is involved in each conversation, begging the question: Is he first to arrive at new trends, or creating them himself?

To understand where the 28-year-old is today, we must understand where he has came from. An Ivy League educated, former professional athlete, when his peers graduated, swapping caps and gowns for shirts and ties, Richie moved to Europe. He spent the next 3 years living in France (French National Champion) and Italy playing professional Ice Hockey, his final season as a member of the Italian National Team. This wasn’t his first experience competing at an
international level. Richie was the captain of the United States National Ice Hockey Under-18 Team for two seasons (2x IIHF Gold Medalist, 3x IIHF Silver Medalist) prior to attending Brown University (2x ECAC Finalist), where he graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and a Bachelor's Degree Political Science, focused on International and Comparative Politics.

At the end of his athletic career, in 2016, is when Richie began life as an independent Creative Projects Manager for himself and others at RICKiRICKi, encouraging clients to play in an arena for the bold. He has toured as a corporate speaker, published works of poetry and writing, and appeared as a guest on 10+ podcasts. He continues to receive praise as a brand strategist, creative director, and idea generator, working with business executives, millennial brands, and
Grammy-nominated recording artists. In the summer of 2019, Richie completed a selfsupported 3,904 mile bicycle ride across the United States, and in reflection of this adventure he shared, with conviction, that one of the greatest personal tragedies is that of a dream deferred.

Today, Richie splits time between his childhood home outside Boston, and his current home in South Florida, while also frequenting Los Angeles. But, don’t invite him to dinner, rather expect him to suggest an outdoor activity capped off with a home-cooked plant-based meal and a non-alcoholic beverage.

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