One day, after working for over 25 years in the Natural Foods & Nutritional Supplements Industry, I was standing inside one of the supplements stores I managed...

One side of the store had sports nutrition products loaded with artificial ingredients and dangerous stimulants, the other side had supplements that improved health but not fitness. I wanted both. That's why I created Clean Machine®.

I dedicated my entire career to finding the best ingredients for our bodies to promote both health and fitness. This led me to a patent for my invention of the first supplement that mirrored the amino acid ratio of human muscle tissue. I then created the first Heat Shock Protein sports nutrition product. And with the creation of Clean Machine® all of our products have been recognized for awards every year since 2013, culminating in winning the NEXTY Award for Best New Supplement in 2018 for Clean Green Protein™.

But what I love most is that every day Clean Machine's products are improving the lives of others while being sustainable and 100% plant-based. Better for health, fitness, the environment and the all life we share this planet with. That’s a whole lot of good.

Geoff Palmer has been a guest on 2 episodes.