Dr. Marv knows how it is. A few years ago Dr. Marv was overweight, feeling tired, low on energy, and had metabolic syndrome. He was a caring doctor who did the best he could for his patients but knew that something was missing. He knew that there had to be something else to health, since he himself seemed to be missing that key ingredient.

After a lot of thought, he decided to enroll in the premier Integrative Medicine Fellowship through the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, founded by pioneer Dr. Andrew Weil. This was a life changing event.

Dr. Marv became very passionate about wellness, health, longevity, and optimization of health. He begun following an anti-inflammatory diet and begun implementing lifestyle changes into his own regular routine.

In just three months, he lost 45 pounds! That was over three years ago and Dr. Marv is now a totally different person than he was before. He is ever more passionate about wellness and helping people lose weight, feel well, feel energetic again, and gain control over their lives!

Background & Training

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