Episode 22

Gurney Promises


May 25th, 2020

52 mins 48 secs

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Today we meet Paul Chatlin, a man that seemingly had it all – a great job and a beautiful family. One could say he was living the American dream!

But not all that glitters is gold…

Denial is a devious character, and it creeps up on us when we’re faced with certain aspects of ourselves. Unknowingly, I lived in a world of denial for many years. You see, denial doesn’t present itself in a way that makes you want to change, it’s just the opposite – it makes you feel good by offering another version of what is happening, it makes you look outward, versus within. Sadly, it takes a toll on so many people as they fall into its luring trap.

That very trap, almost cost Paul Chatlin his life.

Gifted with a second chance, Paul made some game time decisions and promises that would forever alter his path. His story is one of a complete transformation that will leave you feeling motivated, and perhaps even like you should take an internal selfie.

Enjoy this episode titled “Gurney Promises” with Paul Chatlin.

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