Episode 17

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes


March 30th, 2020

23 mins 34 secs

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My guest today is a 22 year veteran of the NYPD, he served 4 terms as a United States Senator, and he’s currently serving as the President of the Brooklyn Borough in New York – Mr. Eric Adams.

If you’ve not heard Eric speak, prepare to be inspired, motivated, and ready to change the way you look at life. I mean that – this man has overcome many tragedies and not one has rattled his cage.

Eric had lost vision in his left eye and he was beginning to lose the sight in his right eye, he had extensive nerve damage and doctors stated he would need to have his fingers and toes removed, all due to type 2 diabetes that he didn’t even realize he had.

Faced with this diagnosis he took matters into his own hands and sought out the advice from the best plant based doctors in the nation. Eric found a new way of life through a comprehensive whole food plant based lifestyle, and as a result, he regained his vision, the nerve damage disappeared, and the diabetes was sent home packing!

Maybe you’ve heard his story, maybe this will be the first time, whatever the case may be, I truly feel that you’re going to be moved as Eric’s story further proves that we all have the power within to positively change, and overcome what may feel like a devastating situation.

So, get dialed in and enjoy the story of Reversing Type 2 Diabetes – with Eric Adams.

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