My name is Karyn Knox and I am a wellness professional who is dedicated to spreading the word of health and happiness to the world! I have drawn on my 20 years of experience in the industries of personal training, yoga instruction, nutritional counseling and life coaching along with countless hours of education on health and spiritual well-being to create the Beachy Buddha Life™ program.

Being able to share my knowledge and contribute to the wellness of mankind and mother earth makes my heart sing! I am truly living my dharma by offering steps that are easy to understand and implement and that put all those I work with on a path to a better future.

The Beachy Buddha Life is one lived with an abundance of gratitude, health and happiness. It is a life lived with purpose and on purpose. Through public speaking, the written word, and life coaching; I am spreading the word of how to achieve the peace and harmony this lifestyle has to offer.

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